By: Kurt Wilson | February 22, 2016

Choose from the various types of garage heaters to keep you warm during the cold winter months.

Garage heaters are great heating alternatives among homeowners who live in places that have bitterly cold winters. Garage heaters are an excellent heat source in preventing pipes and other equipment from freezing, keeping parked vehicles relatively warm through the night and allowing you to socialize or holding small get-together in your garage or finishing workshop projects in the midst of the cold winter season.

By having extensive knowledge and understanding of the various types of garage heaters and how much they cost, you can make better choices as you shop around for a new garage heater.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are efficient at converting electricity into heat to make sure your garage stays comfortably warm. Many of this equipment out in the market nowadays have built-in thermostats and user-friendly gauges that allow you to set easily and regulate the circulating temperature in your garage.

The Installation of an Electric Heater

Most electric heaters can now be mounted on top of the wall or ceiling in your garage. Most of them even include a comprehensive manual that will walk you through the installation of the unit so you can do it by yourself.

The size of your garage is the major determiner as to how much your garage heater will cost along with its insulation and your desired temperature.

The Cost of a Typical Electric Heater

An electric heater often costs around $100 up to $400. And many of these garage heaters can be installed manually. But you must also expect a rise in your electric bill by as little as $20 to as much as $100 every month when you start using one.

Natural Gas Heaters

A natural gas heater comes with a pilot igniter that utilizes gas that flows through a certain valve to generate the flame within the heat exchanger. The warm air is then circulated by a fan.

The edge of natural gas heaters is that it can quickly heat up in order to provide warmth in very big spaces. They also do not require energy for it to work.

The Installation of a Natural Gas Heater

The device must be connected to your home’s natural gas line. The majority of the products have detailed instructions on how to install the unit properly and then linking it to an effective ventilation system to discard toxic combustion chemicals taken from your garage.

The installation is also better done by expert plumbers or seasoned HVAC contractors. However, you need to shell out more money to facilitate such installations; it can cost around $500 up to $2,000 for the installation alone.

The Average Cost of a Natural Gas Heater

Meanwhile, natural gas heaters often cost $400 up to $800. A lot of these garage heaters come along with a ventilation device while some companies also sell it separately. If your unit did not come with its own ventilation gadget, you need to spend an additional $150 up to $300.

Propane Gas Heaters

Another alternative is propane gas heaters. It generates a flame within the unit’s heat exchanger,and the warm air it produces is transported to the garage using a fan. It is why propane gas heaters are considered more powerful and effective than the other types of garage heaters.

The Installation of a Propane Gas Heater

Since propane is a highly-flammable material, you have to make sure that children cannot reach the unit and is positioned away from other flammable household materials.Therefore, only let a licensed expert install the unit for you.

The Average Cost of a Propane Heater

A traditional gas heater usually costs around $150 up to $450. However, you must pay extra if its ventilation gadget is sold separately.

Is your home ready for cold weather?

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